The various societies that have historically built up to current STBE and YDA memberships have a long and proud history and Alumni are encouraged to share in their experiences and activities either notifiying of events or attending re-unions.  If you are contacting this page and are a former member or diploma holder of  The Society of Commercial Teachers, The Society of Teachers in Business Education, The Faculty of Teachers in Commerce, The various incorporated societies of teachers of Commerce, Shorthand, Typing, Book-keeping, Pitmans Teachers, The Youth Development Association, The Community and Youth Workers Associaton/Insitute. The Institute of Social Welfare or related bodies, please get in touch to update our records via our membership page and contact us details.
The Society is also in conjunction with an understanding with The Faculty of Secretaries and Administrators pleased to receive alumni information from holders of their former Teachers of English as a Foreign Language award and also similarly from members of the former examining British Society of Commerce who held their qualifications and we engaged in teaching of Commercial Subjects.  
We are particularly interested to hear from those who have old journals which we can scan and add to the website to add to gaps in our library.  These will be returned to you unless you wish to place them in our permanent collection.     A wide range of early SCT/SBT material is available for study in the
Archives at The University of Bath.
The Links below give details of SBT, FTCom and YDA current and past students and graduates:
Programmes, 1892 -1952 Inside there is an inset page on which are the following names who had been awarded Speed Shorthand Certificates by the Faculty of Teachers of Commerce:
Waddell Report 1978 - Part II - ESG Report - Appendix AJoint Association of Classical Teachers. Economics Association Faculty of Teachers in Commerce Ltd Society of Commercial Teachers Ltd

13 Oct 2008 ... While I had been away, she had progressed with her studies of shorthand and typing and also obtained a Faculty of Teachers in Commerce


The Links below give details of SBT, FTCom and YDA related awards and events.
The Institutions  listed here are either subscribers and supporters of STBEYDA  or have been endorsed at their respective levels and offerings.  In some cases individual courses will have been assessed as meeting the level for individual membership applicants. It is most unlikely that all offerings will have been assessed and the Association, Faculty and Society accept no responsibility for the standard of provision.  We work on a liberal academic assumption and believe that all strive to provide a good service but it is the responsibility of the individual teacher and student to obtain information from institutions so as to satisfy themselves as to whether a particular course of study or arrangement is appropriate to their needs.  The Association, Society and Faculty cannot accept any responsibility for contracts or activited undertaken. Caveat Emptor: Uberrimae Fides: Sapere Aude:
Strathmillis University College
The  Society of Teachers in Business Education Cup is awarded to the final year student who is adjudged to have made the greatest contribution to the Business Studies Department of the College
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