We apply fair processes to  membership/registration. All applications are subject to acceptance by the relevant assessment committee and council.  We reserve the right to refuse any application without having to state a reason.  This is rare and applications which pose queries are usually referred with guidance, equity is of paramount importance to us.  We do not provide discounts to Chartered College of Teaching members as we did with The College of Teachers as none have yet been offered to STBE.
All applications should be posted to:
For the attention of: (state Association, Faculty or Society)
Membership Services
YDA Chambers
1st Floor
1a/2a Beaumont Fee
PLEASE Wherever possible enclose a stamped address envelope or stamps for the reply as this helps us keep costs down.  Please email


The Subscriptions of The Society of Teachers in Business Education and The Faculty of Teachers in Commerce are listed with the Commissioners of Inland Revenue  (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)for tax relief purposes in the United Kingdom.  The Youth Development Association should be treated for all practical purposes in the same way. (
Annual Fees and Subscriptions:
FELLOWS:    £150  As the senior grade requires personal commitment and engagement above and beyond that of Member or Associate
MEMBER:     £97    Requiries evidence of Post Graduate level development and Education.
ASSOCIATE:  £77  The Associate whilst currently an admission and subscripition grade may move to being an awarded item in the future.

LICENTIATE - The Licentiate Grade is presented as an award based on course completion, continuing professional development and career achievement and is regarded by the combined boards as representing graduate level achievement by action and examination.  Whilst there are fees for completion this is no annual cost. The Association, Faculty and Society jointly believe that awards should not depend upon subscription and once give should not be revokable unless achieved by misrepresentation whatever the political or social subsequent activity of the recipient. The Societies put equity and fairness above all.

AFFILIATE:   Any person who has successfully completed a core training such as the Education and Training Award or  Level 2/3 Youth Work or Community Work
on a course run by the Association, Faculty or Society will normally be also awarded the Affiliateship.  Those on non STEBYDA courses may petition for the award on payment of a nominal processing fee.
STUDENT:  £10 
                        or a £5 student fee is  available to any student who is in membership
                            of a professional body with reciprocal arrangements with STBE.YDA

Initial application and assessment fee for Member or Associate is currently £110.  Please note that Fellows are only elected from existing Members and Associates. 
LIFE SUBSCRIPTION:  Subject to bye-laws registrants may upgrade to a Life Subscription based on the Annual Subscription multiplied by 10 paid in one payment or multiplied by 12 paid over one year in monthly instalments by standing order. Membership must be in SBT/YDA first before application to CoT FOR ANY OF THEIR DISCOUNTS TO APPLY.(

  • A teacher’s certification recognised by the government, or by those examining bodies determined by the Society as being of a relevant standard, in respect  of business subjects.
  • A recognised Assessor/Verifier Award.
  • An award of The Faculty of Teachers in Commerce Ltd or of predecessor bodies to STBE..
  • A degree of a University or body recognised by the Society, if evidence is provided of knowledge and experience in teaching business subjects.
  • A certificate or diploma awarded by an appropriate processional  or other body recognised by the society,  with evidence of teaching.
  • A Youth and Community Work Certificate, Diploma and/or appropriate JNC award.



requires that in addition to the above the applicant have at least 3 years of  Full Time Equivalent Teaching/Training experience.


Shall  be a Member  and shall have been active in the promotion of business and community education and the society and been so recommend.

Fellows are only elected from existing Associate, Member Level and Licentiates and where this is by assessment as a Fellow of the Faculty of Teachers in Commerce is deemed to be at Masters' level.


A person working towards an appropriate teacher’s/training certificate  who intends to seek further registration with the Society or Faculty upon successful completion of their course


The Licentiate Award and Registration is for completion of a full training at an institution approved by the Society and Faculty.





Professorship vacancies are usually advertised in the winter after confirmation at the Annual Meeting.

There is currently an office administrator vacancy which is advertised on