EMVY Regional RELOAD event 2019 - Friday 17th May 2019, Nottingham CVS, 7 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FB

The EMVY Regional RELOAD event will take place on Friday 17th May 2019 at Nottingham CVS.

The annual event brings together, informs and challenges organisations that work with young people.  Book your place now.


  • registration and networking from 9.30-10.15am - get to know your EMVY colleagues over tea, coffee and Vimto!
  • formal agenda commences 10.15am
  • Welcome: Chair of EMVY Prof. Charles Shaw, Young Lincolnshire and Director LYA/YDA
  • Strength in the East Midlands: One East Midlands - an update on work to support infrastructure and policy
  • Youth Workforce Wellbeing Survey results:  Maureen O'Callaghan and Ian Tannahill
  • Young & Successful - an evaluation of the Youth Programme Talent Match: Richard Hazledine - One East Midlands and Connectmore Solutions
  • .The All Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs:  Members of the APPG team
  •  Knife Crime an opportunity to discuss: lead by  Alistair Langton and others
  •  IN DEFENCE OF YOUTH WORK presentation: Bernard Davies - IDYW
  • Uk Youth, NABGC, CVYS England update: some key opportunities and contacts in the current position of support to organisations Michael Whiting, Andy Hammill and others
  • Projects Showcase: an opportunity for your organisation to inform
  • summary, lunch and networking from 1.15-2.00pm

For more details and to book your place, please follow this link to the online booking form.

Associate Miss Jenny H Shaw BA (Hons) University of the West of England, Bristol  finished as a  Volunteer on the Department for International Development supported Platform 2 Scheme in North East India working in Junior Schools and the Community. 
 YDA - The Community and Youth Services Association Support International Youth Day- 

12 August is UN International Youth Day - every year - and is dedicated to emphasising the importance and value of the world’s youth and to highlighting the roles they play in modern society  The Youth Development Association Limited in concert with Network CVYS England today celebrate the role of youth in society and shares in the aims of the Commonwealth on IYD:

So as we celebrate International Youth Day, we call on:

  • Governments, the private sector, civil society organisations and stakeholders to focus on the issues and talents of young people in all kinds of circumstances: those who are migrants, students, unemployed, entrepreneurs and leaders or advocates for change.

Let us partner with young people, develop and implement strategies to ensure their perspectives are recognised in societies and advocate for investments in young people. The return on such investments is extremely high – for both social and economic development.

  • Young people and youth-led organisations - continue to share your perspectives and collaborate for positive change in the world and stay curious and creative.

Let us commemorate this International Youth Day by recommitting to the young people of The Commonwealth and the world so as to build a world of peace and opportunity and  be a leading light in cross-generational work for the benefit of young and older.

07958 423173 or 0871 288 6935 Thank you.