THE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION LIMITEDThe Youth Development Association is an institute for youth and community services and has been operational since 1981 and works together with STBE through a shared interest in the development of young people and the lifelong learning agenda, working to reduce institutional barriers and promote equity.

The Youth Development Association is a Professional Membership Body for those engaged in Youth and Community Services and related work with young people.  The Association has specific professional objectives in line with supporting  co-operation within an environment of freedom and independence.

The Association is particularly keen to support independent local networks of organisaitons such as Councils for Voluntary Youth Services and Alliances whether or not in membership of other bodies.  There are considerably more Independent Youth Work practitioners than many years ago.

The Association currently has representative groups in The North of England,  The Midlands and The Capital and was the first independent professional institute for youth services and is currently discussing with members the catalyst spawned initiative the institute for youth work.

The Association currently also holds the records of the former Institute of Social Welfare which were handed to YDA following the dissolution of ISW in the 1990's.  ISW regalia and the like went to the then National Institue of Social Work which has since closed and the Membership Records came to YDA in order that we could protect the existing MISW registrands who wished to continue to use their designation and also so that an analysis and trawl of youth services related members could be made. ISW was founded in 1953 and was the only membership qualification body in the Social Welfare/Work field for many years up to the time of the Seebohm Report and the coming of changes in Social Work training.  There was a short period when dual Youth and Community and Social Work Qualification could be obtained by students at Westhill College in Birmingham but this ceased in favour of separate individual professional social work and youth work courses although of the same duration.